What is Consumer Credit Counseling Service?

By Rowena Fernandez

Word’s been getting around that there’s the service that helps people in tight financial situations free themselves from debt and give them great advice as well. Have you heard about it? It’s called consumer credit counseling service also known as CCCS. If this has got you curious, then don’t stop reading.

CCCS is a great debt elimination method that has saved thousands of people from falling into bankruptcy. They help individuals who have money management problems and those who are in debt survive their tight financial situations and offer counseling and financial education as well. Their main purpose is to aid individuals and families with financial rehabilitation and mastering the art of money management.

If you find that you’re at loss with your money, your bills are piling up, you have got so much issues going on and you just don’t know where to start, well CCCS is where you go. They offer immediate help that can avoid any individual from declaring bankruptcy. Be it debt reduction, financial advice, money counseling sessions; they will always have their doors open. CCCS will help you set up a savings plan if you’re looking into buying a house or taking a personal loan and they will also help you with previous unpaid loans as well.

CCCS agents are all certified and have gone through specific training to ensure that they help you in the best ways they can. They can negotiate interest rates with your creditors and help you get out of close deadlines as well. They will also asses your monthly income and draw up a plan so that each month you get to pay off a small sum of your debts until it all clears. In addition to that, they would also discourage you from using your credit card to ensure no more bills appear until you’re back on your feet and know how to spend wisely.

This service comes with a small fee, but they offer a wide range of counselings and are reachable at headquarters, over the phone and through the internet as well. CCCS can be found anywhere and everywhere. If you do invest in their services, keep in touch with your agent and make sure that each month they get your payments done so as to avoid bad scores and late penalties.

For more information about consumer credit counseling services and credit consumer counseling, visit ConsumerCreditCounselingAdvice.com.


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