Celtic Texts of the Coelbook: The Last Five Books of The by Marshall Masters,Janice Manning

By Marshall Masters,Janice Manning

Authored by way of Celtic clergymen whilst the 1st Gospels of the hot testomony have been being created, the Celtic Texts of the Coelbook (the final 5 books of The Kolbrin Bible) files the fusion of Celtic and Druid mysticism, Judaism and Egyptian anthropology. a few regard it as a key Celtic knowledge textual content since it encompasses a revealing biography of Jesus with a number of never-before released first-person fees. This paintings is rooted in a 3600-year-old Egyptian textual content (the first six books of The Kolbrin Bible) written following the Exodus.  It describes how Noah's Flood and the 10 Plagues of Exodus have been brought on by a planet (also referred to as Nibiru or Planet X) that orbits our sunlight each 3600 years. The Egyptians referred to as it the "Destroyer" and the Celtic monks known as it the "Frightener." Index: Print and Adobe e-book editions[DOI:10.1572/kolbrin.coelbook] ancient precis This tale starts off with Moses and the Hebrew Exodus. confident their gods had failed them, the Egyptians carried out the 1st neighborhood anthropological research of the center East, looking for clues that may cause them to the single precise G-d of Abraham.  They released their findings in a 21-volume paintings titled the nice booklet. over the last millennium BCE, Phoenician investors translated the good booklet from Egyptian Hieratic into their very own 22-letter alphabet and entrusted a duplicate to the Celtic monks in Britain.  encouraged via the Egyptian texts, the Celtic clergymen wrote their very own knowledge textual content in old Celtic and known as it the Coelbook. Following the demise of Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea (Jesus' nice uncle at the aspect of Joseph, his father) based the Glastonbury Abbey, which later turned the repository for those texts.  In 1184 CE, English King Henry II ordered an assault at the Abbey.  The survivors secreted the is still of the texts to Scotland the place they have been translated into English and at last merged to create The Kolbrin Bible. Jesus' Connection to Britain a few historians declare the Coelbook was once encouraged while Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea visited Britain jointly. Others declare that the Celtic biographer of Jesus back with Joseph of Arimathea (who owned a tin mine in Britain ) to the center East, the place he met Jesus and his relations. both method, ancient money owed convey that Joseph of Arimathea, introduced Jesus' closing family and friends to Britain presently after the Crucifixion to flee persecution through the Romans and to unfold Jesus' message to "the uttermost components of the earth." similar Title� The Egyptian Texts of the Bronzebook: the 1st Six books of The Kolbrin Bible Following Pharaoh's defeat on the hand of Moses, the Egyptians searched the center East for clues to the single real G-d of Abraham. What now survives of that noble attempt includes the 1st six books of The Kolbrin Bible. [DOI: 10.1572/kolbrin.bronzebook] similar identify � The Kolbrin Bible: twenty first Century grasp version The Kolbrin Bible dates again 3600 years and gives precise and enlightened insights from the previous to either problem and verify our cutting-edge ideals. This 11-book secular anthology is almost as huge because the King James Bible. [DOI: 10.1572/kolbrin]

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